Carefree production with meteorological sensors and measurement solutions

As a sales partner of Lambrecht Meteo (part of AEM), we offer world-class meteorological sensors and measurement solutions. So you always know under which safe conditions you are producing carefree. Did you know that more than 500,000 sensors have already been used for this purpose all over the world? For example, wind warning systems for cranes, ship weather stations for navigation and weather stations for calamity monitoring.



Lambrecht Meteo’s sensors measure local weather conditions all over the world. The measurement data is used to provide early warning of, for example, floods, natural fires, lightning and other extreme weather conditions.


By using this data effectively, timely and decisive action can be taken in emergency weather situations. Everything so that you can continue to produce carefree and prevent calamities in your production environment.


Bakker & Co is one of the most specialised technical companies in the Netherlands and Belgium and offers a tailor-made solution for every work environment. Our team of highly trained technical staff combines technical know-how with creativity on a daily basis. So you can produce carefree.


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