History of Bakker & Co

Bakker & Co: a family business for nearly one hundred years

Bakker & Co is an originally Dutch family business, which has existed for almost 100 years. In 1925 two brothers started the company Bakker & Co in Scheveningen, as a supplier of drive couplings and steel wire rope. It survived the crisis and wars. In 1953 the company split, because it wanted to reposition itself. The part related to steel activities moved to Rotterdam, the drive, measurement and pump activities remained as Bakker & Co in the then location Voorburg.  The Rotterdam company was renamed Unistaal, and in 1958 Bakker & Co moved to Schiedamsedijk in industrial Rotterdam. In 1960, father Wim Jongbloed of current director/owner Jan-Willem Jongbloed took over the Rotterdam companies from his uncle Jan Bakker. The company flourished and specialised in customer-specific solutions for high-end industrial production, such as steel, refining, chemicals, mechanical engineering and meteorology. In 1980, the company moved to its current location in Zwijndrecht, due to growth and expansion of the maintenance services. In 1990, Jan-Willem Jongbloed took over the company. From that time the market area was expanded in 1994 with a branch in Wilrijk-Antwerp, Belgium, and the repair and maintenance services were increased from 1997.


After almost 100 years Bakker & Co is a modern and dynamic company, where engineered customer-specific solutions ensure that state-of-the-art technology fits in with current business models, allowing customers to produce without worries. Long-term relationships of the Bakker & Co team with customers and suppliers (two of which are the current PfeiferDrako (steel wire rope) and RegalRexnord (drive couplings) since the foundation) with ever new and current technical insights remain the basis for technical creativity and the best solutions.