Carefree production

Drive technology

When it comes to drive technology, Bakker & Co offers not only the most, but also the best solutions. Many of our solutions are custom-made according to customer specifications.


With our own engineering department, Bakker & Co is able to solve customer-specific questions efficiently.

High-pressure technology

For industrial applications Bakker & Co has a wide range of high pressure plunjer pumps, valves and accessories.

Lift technology

Bakker & Co is a leading player in the lift technology market. You will frequently come across Bakker & Co in the highest office and residential towers in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Measuring technology

Measuring equipment is the backbone of any production process. By measuring, you know that processes are running well, but also, for example, whether you can improve your processes.


For decades, Bakker & Co has been a well-known name in the market for meteorological sensors.
We have various products for the different parameters in our programme.

Mobile wastewater treatment

Bakker & Co has with a mobile wastewater treatment an efficient solution for the purification of water at the workplace with good results.

Pump technology

Bakker & Co delivers solutions for large and small pump problems for the pumping of clean liquids but also heavily contaminated slurries.

Service and maintenance

Bakker & Co does not like to leave anything to chance and has its own service department, which is available seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

We are at your service 7 days a week

Service phone: +31 6 223 981 89 of service@bakker-co.com
It may happen that you experience a breakdown. Bakker & Co its own service department, which is available seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

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How we work

Bakker & Co has grown into one of the most important suppliers to the industry in the Netherlands and Belgium. Bakker & Co’s strength is to secure the continuity of production processes by means of sound technical advice. All this at the lowest possible cost. A balanced product portfolio in combination with our own service and maintenance department makes it possible to solve any problem adequately.

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