Mobile water purification system from Reprotex

Bakker & Co is exclusive agent for the Benelux of the innovative Austrian company Reprotex GmbH.

Reprotex is a producer of mobile water purification systems for purifying and recycling water on the work site. This patented system contributes to efficient operations in, among other things, high-pressure cleaning.


By processing the used water in the Reprotex mobile water purification system, the water is reconditioned and filtered in a very short time, allowing it to be reused and/or returned.

Bakker & Co has years of experience in high-pressure technology. The addition of the mobile water purification system from Reprotex completes the portfolio in the field of industrial high-pressure cleaning systems.


The mobile water purification systems purify the polluted water during cleaning or renovation to a particle size of 1 μm and PH neutral. The purified water can immediately be used again for the work. Two systems are available with a capacity of 40 l/min and 200 l/min respectively. The complete installations are built on trailers or in 20 ft containers.


These Reprotex water purification or recycling systems are very suitable for companies that work with (ultra) high pressure systems where the collection and purification of the polluted water is important. Applications include: concrete decontamination, cleaning/painting removal from ships and steel constructions, etc.

The possibilities of Reprotex are explained in the animation below.


After viewing it, please contact René van Leverink ( or Hans van Leening ( to discuss the possibilities of mobile water purification in your company.


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