High-pressure technology: pumps that make a difference

Are you looking for a supplier of a good high-pressure cleaning system? Then you have found your supplier Bakker & Co. We are one of the leading suppliers in the Netherlands and Belgium. We work exclusively with manufacturers and brands that deliver quality. We can offer you a wide range of high-pressure cleaning systems that meet the highest requirements for intensive use.


Our high-pressure cleaning techniques

High-pressure cleaning is of course about removing contaminated parts, so that the production quality is increased again. The high-pressure cleaning techniques of Bakker & Co remove every contamination in the production process. We supply plunger pumps, switching valves and Tank cleaning heads. We even offer high-pressure cleaning systems with a pressure range up to 3000 bar, for the extreme cleaning problems.

Process-industrial pumps

We have many years of experience with high-pressure plunger pumps for heavy industrial applications, which are suitable for the continuous (chemical) process 24/7/365. In the steel industry, for example, these are used for mill scale removal during the rolling process, and lubricating oil pumps for rolling mills. In the textile industry, high-pressure plunger pumps are used for fibre processing. And in the forging industry there are applications as press drives. There are also numerous applications for high-pressure piston pumps for various processes in the (petro) chemical and refinery industries. For example, piston pumps are used in the extraction of oil and gas. For both on- and offshore, we have the appropriate process piston pumps that are engineered according to all known specifications for these areas.

High-pressure cleaning

High-pressure cleaning is of course about achieving the best possible results, but working responsibly and safely is at least as important. Bakker & Co supplies a wide range of products that meet the highest requirements. For example, we supply industrial washing machines for mass production companies in the metalworking industry, but also high-pressure cleaning systems with a pressure range up to 3000 bar. This can be achieved with plunger pumps, valves, Tank cleaning heads and various accessories.


Besides, Bakker & Co offers complete systems for process-integrated high-pressure cleaning. Besides a wide product range, Bakker & Co also offers a service department that is available 24 hours a day, and a warehouse from which wear-sensitive parts can be delivered from stock. Because even in the event of a breakdown, we feel the pressure to perform to the best of our abilities.

Test pumps

High-pressure discharging pumps and test units are used to pressurise equipment in a controlled way to the desired density, pressure resistance and burst pressure. Traditionally Bakker & Co has a balanced range of explosion and test pumps in its portfolio. Boiler builders, construction companies, plant stopper contractors and testing companies have therefore been working with Bakker & Co for many years.


The manually operated drainage pumps up to 1000 bar and the electrically or combustion driven pumps have been a reliable success for years. For continuous applications we supply our series of test pumps, which are driven by a diesel or petrol engine. As with our other equipment, handling of an extrusion medium such as water, oil and emulsion is no problem. All models are of industrial construction.

High-pressure cleaning technology accessories

Spray guns/lances:

The Uraca spray guns and lances are of very high quality and offer fine handling and ergonomics for the user. The pistols are available from 250 bar to 800 bar, the long version is suitable for 1200 bar. The spray guns can also be supplied with electrical control, which is standard on the lance.


Tank cleaning heads:

Tank cleaning heads are used for cleaning reactors, storage tanks and silos, among others, where residues from previous work must be removed. Uraca has a wide range of tank cleaning heads with various composition possibilities. The tank cleaning heads can be equipped with both curved rotors and optional extension arms, as well as compact rotors for entering a space via a nozzle.