Meteorology: specialist in meteorology

For decades Bakker & Co has been a well-known name in the market for meteorological sensors. For the various parameters we have different products in our program. The right (combination of) sensor(s) is determined on the basis of application and installation location: this is how we put together your weather station. We look at the type of measurement, measurement range, output signal, housing or communication with your network.


Our customers include provinces and municipalities, industrial parks, process industry, port facilities, museums, renewable energy, water boards and the Dutch marine and offshore industry. We build systems entirely according to customer requirements, assembled through engineering and our own assembly. Our sensors ensure efficient use in sustainable energy generation.


An anemometer measures various wind parameters. Generally, these are wind speed sensors to record wind speed, and wind direction sensors to measure the direction from which the wind is coming.


Wind sensors use different technologies to record the different wind parameters. For example, there are wind speed sensors with a cup star (cup anemometer) or wind sensors that take advantage of thermal effects (hot wire anemometer).


Ultrasonic anemometers are also used. In contrast to thermal wind measurement or wind measurement with cupstar technology, wind speed is recorded using ultrasonic transit time measurement.


A precipitation sensor or a rain gauge measures the amount of precipitation that has fallen in a time interval. If the precipitation sensor has a built-in heater, solid precipitation such as snow, hail or sleet can be measured and the sensor can be kept frost-free and functional even at low temperatures.


Precipitation sensors are available in analogue and digital device variations and with different measuring principles.


Bakker & Co meteo is the most experienced supplier of humidity measuring instruments and has almost 100 years of experience. The classic measuring element, the natural hair harp, is still used as measuring principle. Systems using it are low-maintenance and corrosion resistant. Capacitive measuring elements are used in compact and combination sensors as well as in automatic weather stations.


A radiation sensor is part of many weather stations. Whether in classical meteorology, building technology or industrial applications – solar radiation influences both our climate and the function and service life of products.


Storage of food, control and automation of industrial production processes, drying of wood or other organic substances, heating of the earth’s surface and optimisation of energy consumption in building technology are fields of application for temperature measuring devices. Bakker & Co delivers sensors like PT100, PT1000; but also evaporative measuring systems.

Air pressure

An air pressure sensor is part of almost all weather stations. Whether in classical meteorology, medical technology, industrial applications like clean rooms, in aviation and shipping, almost all areas of life are influenced by air pressure and its fluctuations. Bakker & Co supplies the sensors if necessary compensated for the altitude at which they are used.


As a user, you also want to be able to see the measured values. Not only are instantaneous values important to you, but you also want to know under which conditions you produced the day before yesterday. The data acquisition systems of Bakker & Co Meteo are benchmarks when it comes to industrial use, the highest requirements in meteorology or robust use in professional shipping.