Mobile wastewater treatment: the technique of purifying water on site

Industrial high-pressure cleaning naturally generates waste water flows. During the work it is of course important to dispose of both the contaminated waste water and the accumulated contamination. With mobile wastewater treatment Bakker & Co offers a solution to dispose of the waste water with minimal environmental impact. With the Reprotex mobile water treatment unit Bakker & Co has an efficient solution for the purification of water at the workplace. The purified water can be reused immediately by the high-pressure cleaning unit. The collected residual waste is then disposed of.

Reprotex mobile water purification

The Reprotex water purification system purifies the water used at the workplace from high-pressure blasting. The purified water can then be used for blasting. In some cases, the purified water can be discharged Ph-neutral into the sewer system or surface water.


The mobile water treatment unit is mounted in a 20″ container. Therefore, it is easy to transport and it can be placed close to the polluted work site. The operation is very simple. Depending on the contamination, we determine in advance what the best and fastest purification result will be.