Pump technology: the right pressure for the optimum flow rate

For the (industrial) cleaning Bakker & Co has a wide range of high pressure plunger pumps. We supply high-pressure pumps and switching valves with low and high capacities for various applications in sewer cleaning and industrial cleaning. High-pressure plunger pumps are very suitable for the pressing of pipes and tanks. The priming pumps start off as manually operated pumps that are very easy to use at any location. Our programme also includes electrically driven drainage units that are suitable for drainage of larger volumes up to high pressures. We also supply high-pressure pumps for the process industry.

Slurry pumps

Bakker & Co’s slurry pumps are used where mediums cause a lot of wear. For this you need a pump with superior wear resistance, lower life cycle costs and easy maintenance. Depending on the medium (dredge, sand or even gravel), Bakker & Co supplies a robust range of horizontal/vertical slurry pumps, in many different pump sizes. The pump wear parts are available in both high chrome and rubber.

When slurry pumps eventually show wear, Bakker & Co will deliver the replacement parts in identical sizes.

Dirty water pumps and suction pumps

High-quality suction centrifugal pumps from DIA PUMPEN. A product that we have been successfully marketing in the Benelux for many decades. The pumps are good for many applications both industrial and in machine building. On construction sites a much seen product with high durability, stationary or mobile, made to measure for you.

Peristaltic pumps

A peristaltic pump is a displacement pump.


The fluid is contained in a tube in the round pump housing and is driven by rotors that press the tube flat. Pressure is built up in front of the rotor and the elasticity of the tube creates a vacuum behind the rotor. The pressure pushes the liquid out of the tube and the vacuum sucks in the new liquid. Peristaltic pumps are used in various industries and applications. For example, food, mining, chemistry, fishing and agriculture, but also onshore and offshore, in anaerobic digestion/biogas and in the production of concrete and paint.

Submersible pumps

Our pumps are specifically designed for use in the heaviest and most abrasive applications and environments. Used by operators of quarries, mines and recycling facilities, Audex pumps stand for quality and reliability.


Audex pumps are available in a range of sizes from 2″ to 10″ discharge. These robust pumps have cast iron and chrome wear parts and agitators to increase service life when pumping abrasive liquids.


A seal failure detection system is available on most larger submersible pumps. This system monitors the moisture content and switches the pump off in the event of seal wear or failure.