Service and maintenance: we are at your service 7 days a week

You have chosen a reliable technical high-quality product from Bakker & Co. That product contributes to your production. Bakker & Co stands for the commitment that you can carefree produce.

Of course, even a Bakker & Co product needs maintenance. It is possible that you will experience a breakdown.

Bakker & Co does not like to leave anything to chance and has its own service department, which is available seven days a week and 24 hours a day.


Machines and installations that are properly maintained last longer. Regular preventive maintenance prevents unexpected breakdowns. Bakker & Co carries out inspections that show the technical condition of an installation or machine. That is why Bakker & Co will coordinate with you the moment to carry out this preventive maintenance, which will optimally fit in with your production planning.


In every production process, despite your optimal production control, something can go wrong or unexpectedly happen. In the event that your production process is disrupted and damage may have occurred to your production equipment, you want to return to production as quickly as possible after the repair. Our repair department has the details of your equipment and, after assessing the repair to be carried out, can provide suitable spare parts and short reaction times to ensure that you are back in production again.


You bought your equipment with the aim of using it for your production for a long time. In all those years you have had Bakker & Co carry out preventive maintenance. Of course, there comes a time when your equipment needs renovation. For you, this means that the specifications of the equipment are still sufficient and that Bakker & Co will renovate your existing equipment within an unchanged production environment, using newly delivered parts that comply with the original specifications. In this way you invest in the rejuvenation of your equipment with the certainty of years of production in the future.


The equipment supplied by Bakker & Co has been taking care of your carefree production for decades. It is very likely that after such a long period of time the requirements to your production and/or functionality of this equipment, including the control equipment, have changed. With Bakker & Co you start a process to modernise your equipment and to make it usable again for the coming period.

In order to come to an adapted specification of production means and software-controlled peripheral equipment, we discuss with you the adapted requirements of your production and the conditions that the modernised production means must meet. In this process Bakker & Co takes maximum account of the existing other equipment in your production environment, so that the modernised equipment fits in optimally with your existing infrastructure.


You want to have the right measurement values for your production process. You use the instruments of Bakker & Co to measure them. Apart from the requirements of your possible quality system, the certainty of a correct measurement is of great importance. It is therefore that Bakker & Co can calibrate your instruments to factory specifications.

Thus we are able to test and calibrate your wind and radiation sensors and temperature and humidity meters. Other measuring instruments of Bakker & Co are also calibrated in specific environments. In addition, we carry out high-pressure tests to ensure that you can continue to use your high-pressure equipment safely.

We register the last calibration date per device and make sure that you ask us to recalibrate in time. This way, you are permanently assured of the safe and reliable use of our products.


For the annual recertification you will receive a timely automatic call from us. Bakker & Co checks and repairs, if necessary, before the certification process starts. Your measuring instruments and high-pressure equipment are in good hands with us. Our employees are specially trained and certified to carry out these services for you.

Especially for the industrial cleaning sector, we not only have an S.I.R. certified workshop, but also employees who are authorised to act as high-pressure and vacuum technology inspectors.

The products certified by Bakker & Co all have a certificate.