Product lines

Bakker & Co has the sense of technology and knowledge of your branch.

Of course that is something more companies have. However, there are not so many companies that combine these two characteristics with 85 years of experience. It is the very combination of these three factors that enables Bakker & Co to come forward with the best solutions. Whether as to the equipment of a new production street, the maintenance of a machine park or the implementing of meteorological systems.

Drive technology

When it comes to drive technology, Bakker & Co offers not only the most, but also the best solutions. Many of our solutions are custom-made according to customer specifications. Bakker & Co delivers solid couplings for e.g. general mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and for winches and cranes. We also supply a wide range of gearboxes for general mechanical engineering, extruders and infrastructure applications. We also supply electric motors for specific applications, such as high-speed motors, ship motors and stainless steel. This makes us the driving force behind maximum power for many companies.


Our engineering designs and draws in 3D customer-specific solutions. This versatile engineering provides the optimum drawings, which are then processed by production into a ready-for-sale product. In addition to engineering and drawing, we also work closely with production to create prototypes and final products. Our professional technical documentation completes the product. Engineering works closely with sales and service.

High-pressure technology

Where high-pressure technology is concerned, Bakker & Co guarantees the maximum end result at minimum costs. Bakker & Co also ensures that work can be done safely and responsibly, which is at least as important. We supply a wide range of products from leading manufacturers which meet the highest requirements. For example, we supply industrial high-pressure systems with a pressure range up to 3000 bar. This can be realised by using plunger pumps, valves, tank wash heads and various accessories. Besides, Bakker& Co offers complete systems for process-integrated high-pressure cleaning and high-pressure process pumps. All this combined with our years of experience ensures that we can give you the maximum pressure to perform.

Lift shaft technology

Bakker & Co is a leading player of lift shaft technology. Its product range includes, among others, steel wire ropes, lift safety equipment, traction sheaves and lubricants. Our products meet the highest requirements for the fastest lifts in the world. Besides standard solutions, we offer the possibility to deliver according to your specifications. We also offer solutions to extend the service life of older lifts. We deliver the combination of ready-made traction and compensation cables, traction sheaves, braking systems and suspensions just in time at the construction site.

Measuring technology

Measuring equipment ensures the monitoring of every production process. By measuring, you know that processes are running well, but also, for example, whether you can improve your processes. Bakker & Co delivers and installs measuring equipment for industry and laboratories, which is thoroughly reliable and has proven itself under the most extreme conditions. Whether it concerns gas quantity measurements at pilot plants, flow measurements, fine dust measurements or highly accurate pressure measurements: reliable measuring, Bakker & Co knows all about it.


Whoever thinks of meteorological sensors, automatically comes to Bakker & Co. The right sensor is determined on the basis of your specifications: type of measurement, measuring range, output signal, housing or connection, for example. We build systems entirely according to the customer’s wishes, assembled by means of our engineering. You can also contact us for wind bags as wind direction indicators. Our wind, radiation and biogas measurements ensure the efficient use of sustainable energy generation.

Pump technology

An extensive range of slurry pumps offer possibilities in the world of sand, gravel and other slurry processes. Horizontal and vertical designs in various rubber and hard steel qualities contribute to an efficient pump solution. For the treatment of abrasive media, suitable accessories such as pipe work, bends and hydrocyclones are included in the delivery programme.  Bakker & Co also has self-priming dirty water pumps and submersible pumps up to large capacities in its pump programme.

Service and maintenance

An increasing number of companies choose to have their inspections, service and maintenance of installations and machines provided by Bakker & Co. Besides ISO 9001:2008 Bakker & Co is VCA**2008/5.1 and SIR certified. They choose for an own service department that is experienced and inventive. A flexible team that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that has a modern workshop at its disposal. Bakker & Co also has its own wind tunnel and climate chamber for testing and calibrating measuring instruments. Then there is another reason why companies choose Bakker & Co. Many parts are available from stock, so that unnecessary downtime can be avoided.

Water recycling

Bakker & Co supplies a wide range of products that meet strict requirements for various industrial applications and their specific solutions for high-pressure cleaning or process technology. In order not to burden the environment, it is important that the water, which is used for high-pressure cleaning, is purified before it is discharged. Bakker & Co. now has an efficient solution in the form of a mobile water purification system to purify the water at the workplace with good results for reuse or for discharge into the sewerage system or surface water.

Service and maintenance

We are at your service 7 days a week

Bakker & Co delivers the best technical solutions imaginable. Nevertheless, it may happen that you experience a breakdown. Bakker & Co does not like to leave anything to chance and has therefore opted for its own service department, which is available seven days a week and 24 hours a day. In this way, we are able to provide service that meets our standards. We’re not just talking about speed, but also quality. Bakker & Co always strives to remedy faults immediately. This is possible because we have many spare parts in stock. In addition, we have a well-equipped workshop to carry out repairs. Providing carefree production also means that you can schedule regular maintenance with us at a time that is technically most attractive for you in terms of production.


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