Controllers & brakes

Start, control, position, brake and communication components for any drive.

  • Inverters
  • Soft Starters
  • Frequency Inverters
  • Controllers
  • Drives
  • Brakes

Soft starters

Intelligent softstarters of the JJR5000 series use advanced electronics technology.   Using microprocessor technology you can efficiently limit the starting voltage of an asynchronous motor. The softstarter can be used to drive a fan, pump, conveyor, compressor and other equipment. It is an excellent product to replace traditional starters, such as star/delta circuits.

Frequency inverters

RNB 2000 is a magnetic field oriented variable speed drive. It is applicable for three-phase induction and brushless motors, and has excellent dynamic and overload performance at high torque. The RNB2000 has various I/Os, plug-in cards and communication options. This makes it ideal for your automation.


The NANO Drive helps save energy for higher efficiency, controlling IE2 and IE3 three-phase motors. It is controllable with buttons or bluetooth, and an app on your phone or tablet.


FCT200 and FCT300 series controllers are programmable up to 99 axes according to the IEC61131 standard. Black-box systems equipped with PowerPC processor and CANopen and EtherCAT masters, suitable for CODESYS and 4CONTROL environments.

Braking devices

  • Reliable and fast braking of a-synchronous motors to a standstill, without maintenance or wear.
  • Are the perfect solution for reducing long downtimes (saving time and costs).
  • Are components that can be retrofitted in control cabinets without any problems.
  • Are maintenance-free and wear-resistant.