DIA pumps

High-quality suction centrifugal pumps from DIA PUMPEN. A product that we have been successfully marketing in the Benelux for many decades. The pumps are good for many applications both industrial and in machine building. On construction sites a much seen product with high durability, stationary or mobile, made to measure for you.

DIA pumps from Germany produces centrifugal and diaphragm pumps. The company specialises in the manufacture of high-quality suction dirty water pumps. DIA PUMPEN builds complete units, diesel or electric driven for heavy duty applications in many fields. Pumps are of very high quality and reliability.


Diaphragm pumps, suction up to 60 m3/h and 12 mvk, temperature up to 35 degrees C.


For relatively pure, contaminated, corrosive, abrasive media such as waste water, construction pits or drainage applications.


Pump material: cast steel with rubber membrane.


Side channel impeller pump for higher pressures with multi-stage impellers, up to 20 m3/h and 300 mvk, temperature up to 220 degrees Celsius.


For clean, corrosive media without solids.


Pump material: cast steel or stainless steel.