Electric motors

Now also assembled and integrated, with couplings, intermediate shafts and gearboxes. With controllers, drives, inverters and frequency converters.

  • Single-phase motors
  • Three-phase motors
  • High-speed motors
  • Planar motors
  • Drum motors
  • Synchronous motors
  • Asynchronous motors
  • AC motors
  • DC Motors
  • Brush motors
  • Brushless motors
  • Servo motors
  • Stepping motors

Single and three phase motors

Important to know is the power, applied voltage and required speed of your motor. IEC construction whether extra protection is needed against heat or other conditions. Should it be (salt) water resistant, applicable at 100 degrees Celsius or working in an explosion proof environment.


Do you want to know what we can do for you? Contact us and we will guide you to the best possible solution.

High-speed motors

For your sawing, milling and CNC machine tools we supply high-speed motors up to 30.000 rpm. Tools can easily be placed directly on the shaft, automatically or by hand. For the axial and radial blows these high speed motors are double bearing. Direct drive technology that does not require additional cooling in various designs and outputs. Flat or as circular saw motors, they can withstand overloads and high braking torques. Two to three times the nominal torque is no problem. This means that you do not need to use additional shafts or protective devices. This gives you an economical and cost-effective solution.


Available for right or left-handed use, with or without brakes, and variable terminal box position. Special shafts with large diameters, reinforced bearings or extreme lengths are also possible. Special configurations with increased water protection are possible on request.


Want to know what we can do for you? Please contact us. We will guide you to the best possible solution.

Special motors

What are your requirements? To get a better idea of what you need, we first discuss the component or product to be driven.


What is the movement profile in revolutions, power and desired torque. What is the working environment? Do you need a longer shaft than usual, do the windings need to be cast in resin. Does your application run under water or in an explosion-hazardous area. Connected to the mains or running on battery power. Many start/stop movements with axial and radial forces with repeatable positioning accuracy or not.


Not every factory uses the same technology, winds its windings slightly differently or can produce with different dimensions. Bakker & Co has supplied many special motors in its nearly one hundred years of existence. Do you want to know what we can do for you? Please contact us and we will guide you to the best possible solution.