Gearboxes with or without integrated motors (CMG= Compact Motor Gear).

CMG is an innovation when it comes to compact drives for injection moulding machines and extruders. Max. power 1000 kW, torque 200,000 Nm with gear ratio up to i = 1250

Use of precision, high quality gears (low backlash) very quiet



Various shaft versions Internal and external cooling

Available in several ATEX categories (I, II and III)

Extruder gearboxes

Special gearboxes and geared motors for extruders, with integrated thrust bearing ( types FZ-KS 50 to FZ-KS 12000 ).

Torque range 500 – 200,000 Nm directly mountable on AC and DC motors.

Available in angular (KS) and flat (FZ) versions, one-, two- or three-stage versions with variable thrust bearing and continuous hollow shaft for worm screw removal.



Integrated oil/air/water cooler with temperature sensors and level monitor.


You can find gearboxes in all shapes and sizes.

Worm, bevel gear with straight or helical toothing, planetary, in line or parallel.

Suitable for IEC but also Nema flange motors.

With ATEX or other degrees of protection, integrated with motors and frequency regulators.