High-pressure cleaning technology accessories

Spray guns/lances:

The Uraca spray guns and lances are of very high quality and offer fine handling and ergonomics for the user. The pistols are available from 250 bar to 800 bar, the long version is suitable for 1200 bar. The spray guns can also be supplied with electrical control, which is standard on the lance.


Tank cleaning heads:

Tank cleaning heads are used for cleaning reactors, storage tanks and silos, among others, where residues from previous work must be removed. Uraca has a wide range of tank cleaning heads with various composition possibilities. The tank cleaning heads can be equipped with both curved rotors and optional extension arms, as well as compact rotors for entering a space via a nozzle.

The Uraca SP 250 spray gun

The Uraca SP 250 spray gun is suitable for a maximum pressure of 250 bar and is available in the standard version and in a Vario version. Optionally, the spray guns can be delivered with electric operation.

SP 503 and SP 802 spray gun

The mid-range segment is filled with the spray guns type SP 503 and SP 802, suitable for 500 and 800 bar respectively. These spray guns, too, can be ordered with optional electrical operation.

SP 1203 spray gun

The high end is covered by the SP 1203 spray gun. This gun is suitable for a maximum working pressure of 1200 bar with electrical operation.


From 1200 bar, we also work with lances instead of spray guns. These lances do not have their own valve in the pistol, but are electrically operated. The available pressure variants are 1200 bar, 2000 bar and 2500 bar.

TWK 13-1200 tank cleaning heads

The TWK 13-1200 can be used up to a pressure of 1200 bar and a capacity of 380 l/min.

Tank cleaning heads

Tank cleaning heads from Uraca are available in various pressure ranges up to 1600 bar and different capacities in litres per minute.