High-pressure cleaning

High-pressure cleaning is of course about achieving the best possible results, but working responsibly and safely is at least as important. Bakker & Co supplies a wide range of products that meet the highest requirements. For example, we supply industrial washing machines for mass production companies in the metalworking industry, but also high-pressure cleaning systems with a pressure range up to 3000 bar. This can be achieved with plunger pumps, valves, Tank cleaning heads and various accessories.


Besides, Bakker & Co offers complete systems for process-integrated high-pressure cleaning. Besides a wide product range, Bakker & Co also offers a service department that is available 24 hours a day, and a warehouse from which wear-sensitive parts can be delivered from stock. Because even in the event of a breakdown, we feel the pressure to perform to the best of our abilities.

Udor high-pressure pumps

For high-pressure cleaning or atomisation, Udor pumps are widely used. This is a high-quality pump. Udor pumps are used both stationary and mobile.


Areas of application are: agriculture, glasshouse horticulture, removing street and/or building pollution, sewer cleaning, firefighting, cleaning stables and many other conceivable solutions for high-pressure cleaning.


Bakker & Co is the representative of Udor pumps in the Benelux.

Uraca high-pressure pumps

For high-pressure, high-quality pumps, the Uraca pumps are ideally suited. Uraca pumps can be used both stationary and mobile up to 3000 bar.


Application areas are: sewer cleaning, industrial cleaning, tank and reactor cleaning, filter press cleaning, agriculture, glass and horticulture and many other conceivable solutions for high-pressure cleaning.


Bakker & Co is the representative of Uraca in the Benelux.

Cleaning units for high-pressure pumps

Bakker & Co supplies high-pressure pump units for cleaning purposes. These can be small or large systems from 2 to 800 kW. The systems are built customer-specifically, always in consultation with the customer.


This can be for a single user or for several users, in many fields of application. The systems we supply are from Uraca or Baco.

Sewer cleaning

Bakker & Co has a lot of experience in cleaning sewers with pumps of the manufacturer Uraca. These pumps are the most widely used in Europe, because they are very strong and easy to maintain. Udor also makes sewage pumps that are mainly used for lower pressures and capacities.


Clean water, surface water and recycled water can all be used for sewer cleaning.

Tank and reactor cleaning

In the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical or other industries, tanks and reactors have to be cleaned regularly.


Besides a suitable high-pressure pump unit, Bakker & Co and Uraca also have systems to carry out this cleaning safely and efficiently. These can be simple to fully automatic systems.

Filter cloth cleaning

Filter presses are used where water needs to be extracted from the sludge, in order to leave as dry a substance as possible. Filter cloths of the filter press must be cleaned regularly and thoroughly. Bakker & Co has high-pressure pump units that are often used for these applications.

High-pressure water jets

With the pumps of manufacturer Uraca, Bakker & Co has many possibilities for the efficient removal of production residues by high-pressure water jetting. Bakker & Co also has solutions for high-pressure pump units that can be built into a container. Just like for various other tools.


High-pressure water blasting is used for decalcification?, container cleaning, paint and rust removal from steel storage tanks or ships, concrete demolition.