Pressure is the force exerted by something per square meter of surface area and is expressed in Newton or Pascal. Our equipment measures pressure with high accuracy by using crystals.



  • Transducers
  • Transmitters
  • Portable laboratory stands


Output signals:

  • RS232/RS-485
  • Frequency
  • Display


Bakker & Co has a line of high-precision pressure instruments. Several full scale ranges are available, with a resolution of parts per billion and a precision comparable to primary standards. Transducers are available in various configurations, including intelligent transmitters and Portable & Laboratory standards. All models have digital interfaces that allow users to adjust resolution, units, update rates and sampling commands.


Broadband barometers are used for meteorological applications where high resolution, accuracy, reliability and long-term stability are important. The broadband barometers measure absolute atmospheric pressure at full scale, for measurements in weather forecasting, GPS-MET, climate studies, calibration standards and as digital altimeter setting indicators at airports. High-resolution dynamic measurements of infrasound signals can be made with a sensitivity of 0.0003 Pa to detect severe weather, tornadoes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, avalanches, nuclear tests, wind shear and wake turbulence.


Our transducers and depth sensors allow you to measure absolute depths with high resolution and accuracy up to 7000 metres. They are the main sensors used in wave and tide gauges, inverse echo soundings, towed arrays, seabed cartography, alignment of construction and oil platforms on the seabed and tsunami warning systems.


Bakker & Co supplies depth sensors that accurately measure water levels in high resolution. The depth sensors are suitable for use up to 7000 metres under water. A variant of this is the non-submersible gas-purge sensor system up to 140 metres under water. Of course, interfaces are available that enable remote control of, for example, resolution, sampling rate, selection of technical units, integration time and sampling requests.


Bakker & Co supplies pressure sensors that are used in both flight and ground applications, including calibration tests, wind tunnel instrumentation, digital altimeters and automatic weather observation systems at airports. The sensors are also used in fog and water vapour forecasting.