Process-industrial pumps

We have many years of experience with high-pressure plunger pumps for heavy industrial applications, which are suitable for the continuous (chemical) process 24/7/365. In the steel industry, for example, these are used for mill scale removal during the rolling process, and lubricating oil pumps for rolling mills. In the textile industry, high-pressure plunger pumps are used for fibre processing. And in the forging industry there are applications as press drives. There are also numerous applications for high-pressure piston pumps for various processes in the (petro) chemical and refinery industries. For example, piston pumps are used in the extraction of oil and gas. For both on- and offshore, we have the appropriate process piston pumps that are engineered according to all known specifications for these areas.


Iron oxide impurities (which get on the surface during the production process in casting and rolling of metal products) are removed with high-pressure water. This process places great demands on the pumps used. Uraca’s high-pressure pump units have proven themselves in this market worldwide for many years.

CO2 Extraction

Liquid or supercritical carbon dioxide can be used as a solvent in various applications. CO2 extraction is used in the chemical, pharmaceutical or food industries, for various cleaning and extraction processes.


High-pressure is required to produce liquid dioxide. Uraca has specifically developed plunger pumps up to a pressure of 1000 bar for this application.

Oil and gas production

The oil and gas industry has special requirements. High-pressure technology must operate safely, reliably and with little maintenance under extreme conditions. Uraca high-pressure pumps and pump units can meet these special requirements, Uraca has years of experience in these applications.

Urea Production

Urea is one of the world’s most important and widely produced chemicals. The production volume is about 200 million tonnes per year. Urea is used in a number of areas including fertiliser, medical applications and food production.


In the production process, liquid ammonia and carbamate must be pressurised. Uraca high-pressure pumps were developed for this process and have proven to be a reliable and efficient solution for many years.