Slurry pumps

Bakker & Co’s slurry pumps are used where mediums cause a lot of wear. For this you need a pump with superior wear resistance, lower life cycle costs and easy maintenance. Depending on the medium (dredge, sand or even gravel), Bakker & Co supplies a robust range of horizontal/vertical slurry pumps, in many different pump sizes. The pump wear parts are available in both high chrome and rubber.

When slurry pumps eventually show wear, Bakker & Co will deliver the replacement parts in identical sizes.

Extraction of sand and gravel

Removal of slurries in sand excavations, maintaining the groundwater level. Usually diesel-driven compact units. The pumps can also be hung in pontoons in order to regulate the water/slurry level while afloat.


High-pressure two-stage centrifugal pump for various high-pressure applications in pumping slurry. Wear-resistant material ensures long service life.


Industriële applicaties voor het ontwateren van verschillende opslagbekkens. Zowel on- als offshore. Geschikt voor slurries van verschillende samenstellingen.


A very solid centrifugal pump, which can be used in the sand and gravel industry as well as in chemistry. High-quality wear-resistant materials make it possible to pump very abrasive media.