Test pumps

High-pressure discharging pumps and test units are used to pressurise equipment in a controlled way to the desired density, pressure resistance and burst pressure. Traditionally Bakker & Co has a balanced range of explosion and test pumps in its portfolio. Boiler builders, construction companies, plant stopper contractors and testing companies have therefore been working with Bakker & Co for many years.


The manually operated drainage pumps up to 1000 bar and the electrically or combustion driven pumps have been a reliable success for years. For continuous applications we supply our series of test pumps, which are driven by a diesel or petrol engine. As with our other equipment, handling of an extrusion medium such as water, oil and emulsion is no problem. All models are of industrial construction.

The Uraca UX 60 hand pump

The Uraca UX60 hand pump is suitable for a maximum test pressure of 60 bar. The pump is supplied as a complete unit including reservoir, high-pressure hose and pressure gauge.

The Uraca HP300 / 220 / 500 pressure pumps

The Uraca HP300 / 220 / 500 pressure pumps have different maximum test pressure ranges, ranging from 60 to 100 to 200 bar. The HP500 shown has a double plunger for flexible use. The pumps can be ordered as individual components.

The HP32 Pressure pump

The HP32 series is a robust, high-pressure pump with a large reservoir. The pump is available in two versions: the HP32/8 for up to 1000 bar and the HP32/12 for up to 630 bar test pressure. Both pumps have a double plunger and can optionally be fitted with a wheel chassis.

The Uraca EP601 generators

The Uraca EP601 series is available in a number of versions, ranging from 100 to 200 bar maximum test pressure and an ATEX version. The capacity is always 5 l/min.

Customer-specific solutions

In addition to the standard solutions, we can engineer and assemble customer-specific solutions with Uraca products and our own Bakker & Co assembly.

The Uraca EP602 pressure test unit

These pressure units have a higher maximum test pressure and capacity. Versions are available from 350 to 500 bar and from 3 to 10 l/min capacity. Motors are always 11 kW – 400 Volt. The EP602 is also available with a petrol and a diesel engine with a maximum test pressure of 200 bar.