Traction Ropes

Special lift cables from Pfeifer Drako are used for the highest, fastest and most demanding lift systems worldwide. The lifts in the Eiffel Tower, in the Shanghai World Financial Center, in the Burj Khalifa (Dubai) are just a few examples of the implementation of application-specific lift designs in cooperation with our customers. The innovative drive concepts of the national and international lift industry, such as machine roomless lifts (MRL) for low-rise buildings, are also manufactured by Pfeifer Drako. Our special lift cables, designed for space-saving and highly efficient MRL lifts, are approved in Europe and have been used successfully for many years.

Special lift cables from Pfeifer Drako

  • Traction ropes for traction sheave  lifts

Preformed, normally pre-stretched, bare, cross-linked right-hand end.

Lift cables are supplied with smooth, tied off ends unless otherwise required.

Accessories such as wire ends and cable cones can be supplied to your specification.


  • Traction ropes with natural or fibre rope core – 6 strands

Pre-formed, normally pre-stretched, plain, right-hand crosscut. Matching stroke on request.

Lifting cables are supplied with smooth, tied-off ends unless otherwise required.


  • Governor ropes

These cables are less lubricated than traction cables.

Preformed, normally pre-stretched, bright, cross-linked right, on request galvanized.


  • Wire for indirect hydraulic lifts.


Traction cable with rope core – 8 strands