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Efficient ice detection brings reliability and safety to  wind turbines
Icy weather conditions impede wind turbine service reliability, as ice easily forms on the rotor blades. The phenomenon is especially familiar in  coastal regions. Ice reduces the productive capacity of wind turbines considerably and burdens their construction, which leads to an increased need for maintenance. In addition, ice falling off of rotor blades can cause damage to buildings and people near the wind turbines.

Safe area of 500 metres
If the height of a wind turbine is 130 metres and the length of its rotor blades is 80 metres, the wind turbine should be surrounded by a safe area of at least 315 metres. This is not always possible in densely populated areas. Security risks and strain caused by ice formation can be significantly reduced by equipping wind turbines with Ice Detectors.

Efficient Ice Detector for winter conditions
The Detector is especially designed for wind turbines in winter conditions. Most of wind turbines are located in the coastal regions. This winter has brought arctic-like weather conditions with its icy winds, heavy frost and rapid temperature changes , so the need for efficient ice detection is evident.

Also suitable for older wind turbines
The new ultrasound-based LID-3300IP Ice Detector offers many considerable advantages. The equipment is compact and easy to install. It is ready to use without calibration and fits all turbines from different manufacturers, including older models. The LID-3300IP is easy to connect to wind turbine control systems using a relay, current data, serial or TCP/IP interface. Congealment status, alarms and parameters can be monitored and adjusted through an inbuilt www user interface.

Market leader
The LID-3300IP Ice Detector improves turbine production reliability and radically reduces risks caused by ice formation in winter conditions. LID, tested by the Technical Research Centre  (VTT), is the leader in the market. Over 2000 units have already been supplied to the biggest turbine manufacturers in Europe.

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