Software voor metereologische stations
Data Loggers

Data Loggers

To record and display data from instruments –

Collecting solar radiation and other meteorological information is a combination of a measuring instrument, such as a pyranometer, and a system to acquire and store the measured values. Most of our radiometers do not require power to operate. However, a consequence of this is that the signal output is very low, only a few mV on a bright sunny day. This puts quite high performance requirements upon the data acquisition system.

These data loggers and display units have very sensitive inputs with high resolution and use the instrument calibration factor (sensitivity) to convert the input voltage into radiation values in W/m², or other units appropriate to the type of radiometer. They all have software for configuring the logging functions and for download and storage of the data on a Windows computer. The data files are in ASCII and can be easily exported for spreadsheets.

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