Relative humidity

Measuring relative humidity with Bakker & Co

Measuring the relative humidity is of great importance to some industries, because it confirms that they are producing under the right conditions. Bakker & Co has accurate and stable products in its range for this purpose, varying from a (built-in) hygrometer to, if required, a combined sensor with temperature measurement.


Some characteristics

The hygrometer is lightweight and, thanks to the flange for mounting, can be easily and quickly placed in, for example, ventilation ducts. The hygrometer is also very suitable for storage rooms thanks to its small dimensions.

The temperature and relative humidity sensor is specially designed for applications in industry. The sensor measures relative humidity capacitively and has a range of 0 to 100%rH. An optional protective cap is also available for this measuring instrument, for when you measure in a polluting environment.


Measuring relative humidity from Bakker & Co:

  • Highest quality through stable measurement values
  • The suitable solution for installation
  • Suitable for measurements in production plants, food industry, agricultural applications and renewable energy


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