The “full service circle” of Bakker & Co

The specialisations of Bakker & Co

Bakker & Co delivers customer-oriented total solutions of specialised drive technology, industrial cleaning technology, high-pressure pumps, high-pressure process technology, meteorology and lift accessories. Bakker & Co also has its own engineering, manufacturing and service department, which is available 24/7 for maintenance, repair and renovation. The combination of the right products and technical knowledge ensures that our customers can always produce carefree.


Full service supplier

In each phase of the production process Bakker & Co offers solutions based on the latest trends and technical developments. With a full service approach, customers are given optimal advice from installation to maintenance. The circle shows that Bakker & Co can be involved at various times in the process of each customer. This ensures that the follow-up process is carried out in the so-called “full service circle”.



The “full service circle” starts with a problem at the customer’s with one of their products or in their production. Bakker & Co analyses, engineers and specifies an effective and tailor-made solution for that problem.



In consultation with the customer Bakker & Co determines the best of various solutions, so that the customer is assured of his production in the short, but also in the long term. Subsequently Bakker & Co will produce the chosen solution, laid down according to the agreed specification of the engineered product.


Purchase and sale

A stable and reliable production process is important for the customer. The engineered product is based on this. Bakker & Co ensures that the customer is not only helped now with the specific solution. That specific solution for the customer was yesterday, is today and will still be available the day after tomorrow. With in-house production, the continuity of the customer’s processes is guaranteed.


Bakker & Co purchases and sells all required materials according to the same high quality specifications for a long period of time. This assures the customer of the same product and prevents him from getting a trade product with the risk of a different specification being used in his process each time.


Logistical services

Customers can count on Bakker & Co at any time. Stock is available of complete products, semi-finished products and parts. It is also possible to hold stock specific to the customer’s needs or process. Naturally, part of the parts stock is intended for various service activities and repairs, so that just-in-time deliveries support the customer’s production process optimally.


Installation, maintenance and calibration

After delivery of the product, Bakker & Co can install and put it into operation. Thereafter the product is subjected to long-term corrective and preventive maintenance at the customer’s premises. This includes the issuing of inspection reports on the products and services so that everything continues to function as it should.


Optimisation and renovation

If the product has already been in use for a longer period of time, it is possible that the customer’s circumstances or the technology have changed. Bakker & Co will then also ensure that the product is adapted, modernised, optimised in the production process and renovated according to the latest technology.

If it turns out that more far-reaching adjustments have to be made, the whole process starts again with engineering, at the top of the circle.


Many years of experience make us strong
Because Bakker & Co works with a highly educated team with a technical background, technical knowledge is combined with creativity. Thanks to 95 years of experience and specific knowledge of niches in the production market, Bakker & Co distinguishes itself in the market of technical suppliers. With its own service department it guarantees the quality and speed that customers demand.


With Bakker & Co you have the certainty that you can produce carefree. If you also want to produce carefree, please feel free to contact us by our website: